The Weighted Vest

The BodyRock Weighted Vest

Improve your speed, strength and overall fitness with the comfortable form fitting BodyRock Vest. This vest adds resistance to your body weight training, jogging, jumping or other fitness activities without hindering the movement. The breathable design offers adjustable quick release buckles, reflective stripes and a secure pocket. One size fits most. 


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To get the most from all your other workouts, be sure to wear your BodyRock weighted vest. It will add extra resistance to all of your movements, increasing your burn, without you having to change a single thing! 

And because a fit lifestyle is such positive, life altering experience, we want to help you empower other people to get on board! Give the gift of fitness to a friend, family member, or loved one! When you buy a BodyRock 6lb weighted vest, we will send you a second one, for free, to give to someone else! 

The only thing better than reaching your fitness goal is helping someone else reach theirs! This is too good to keep to yourself. 

Vest + Dumbbells

The Weighted Vest

These vests are the cornerstone of BodyRock High Intensity Interval Training. Snap one on before any workout. You will barely notice the difference in weight but you definitely notice the difference in your strength, weight loss and agility. It will not hinder movement or add pressure to your neck: it sits snugly like a backpack and is good for all body type. The breathable design is soft and does not hold moisture. To clean, simply purchase our Odor Aid, an eco-friendly disinfectant and antibacterial cleaner designed for all sports equipment.



  • 2 Solid steel 14" long Handles
  • Collars included
  • Each Handle Weighs 5 lbs by itself
  • 30 LBS of Weight:
  • (4) 2.5 LB Plates and (4) 5 LB Plates
  • Weights fit the full sized BodyRock Bar too!

Please note: The 10LB version of this product bundle is not available to European BodyRockers due to the weight restrictions on overseas shipping.

$208.00 $149.00