• 10LB Weighted Vest

10LB Weighted Vest

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Improve your speed, strength and overall fitness with the comfortable form fitting 10LB BodyRock Vest. We've listened to your feedback and completely re-engineered the straps on our most popular piece of gear.

This vest adds resistance to your body weight training, jogging, jumping or other fitness activities without hindering the movement. The breathable design offers reflective stripes and a secure pocket. The all-new heavy duty Velcro straps mean the vest will stand up to more of a beating and can be adjusted to fit snugly to your upper body!

This Vest is perfect for Advanced Bodyrockers who have used the 6LB and 8LB vests and need a new Challenge. If you are a Beginner, you should choose the 6LB Vest. For Intermediate BodyRockers, we also have an 8LB Vest!

The 10LB vest is black, and one size fits most. Do not machine wash or soak in water. To clean simply purchase a bottle of our Odor Aid, an antibacterial spray designed for this very purpose.


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