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Bar Vest Combo with Sandbag


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Once you start squatting with a bar on your shoulders, you will never go back to lighter squats again. You will start to see a curvature to your backside, and muscle definition that you thought would only be possible for elite athletes. 

In addition, your core will be tightened and defined just by using the Sandbag for some "Around The Worlds" and some "Swings," both of which are popular in the Intermediate Bootcamp, and the Accelerate Challenge on SweatFlix. 

More about Accelerate Challenge by clicking HERE!

(1) Bar

(1) 35LB Pink Weight Set

(1) 6LB, 8LB, or 10LB Weighted Vest

(1) Sandbag (Please note that the sandbag comes empty and includes 2 filler bag that can be filled with sand or rice) Length of sandbag is 88CM, and material is 1000D mesh folder


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