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  • BodyRock Deluxe Band Package
  • BodyRock Deluxe Band Package

BodyRock Deluxe Band Package



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This is the ultimate bundle that will torch fat from your legs and glutes as you wear the Weighted Vest and practice your squats with the Resistance Bands around your thighs! Lie on the HIIT Mat with the Booty Bands around your ankles, and practice Plank Kicks to tone and lift your glutes. Use the Sandbag with added weight for your Swings, tightening your butt at the top of each lift. There is a piece of equipment in this Bundle for every single move you could make that will tone that booty!!

Individual Benefits:

The 6LB Weighted Vest adds resistance to your bodyweight training, jogging, jumping or other fitness activities without hindering movement. The breathable design offers adjustable quick release buckles, reflective stripes and a secure pocket. One size fits most. 
The Resistance Bands help by targeting a wider variety of muscle groups than bodyweight alone. This product works the whole muscle group, including the stabilizers, and provides tension throughout your entire exercise more effectively than free weights or machines. This means increased efficiency and a healthier, stronger, look and feel.

- 3 Resistance Bands (no handles)

    • Red – ½" Wide
      Primarily used for adding resistance to stretching exercises.
    • Purple – 1 1/8" wide
      Good choice as a general use band and a specifically for adding resistance to people under 140 pounds during walks, high knees, or sprints.
    • Green – 1 ¾" wide
      This band is also a good size for general use and for adding resistance to people from 140 to 200 pounds for body movements. Good choice for pull up training.
    • Red & Green Resistance Bands
    • 6LB Teal Vest (if added to order)

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