• Challenger With Balance Trainer

Challenger With Balance Trainer



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(1) CHALLENGER (60.8cm (length) x 38.8cm (width) x 73.5cm (height)

Develop phenomenal strength through HIIT bodyweight exercising.

We use the Challenger in so many of our free videos and it allows us to modify our workouts, activate different muscle groups, and make the most out of a small space for our workouts.


    The BodyRock Balance Trainer is one of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment on the market today. Its unique design makes it perfect for personal training, sports conditioning, rehabilitation, balance, core workouts and boot camp workouts.

    The balance trainer is known as a total training system because it allows users to work on and improve everything from cardio and strength to balance and flexibility! This piece of equipment can support up to 300lb, and can be used with the platform up or down. The Balance Trainer measurements are 58 (diameter) x 25cm (height)

    *Note that the Challengers will ship in 2-3 weeks

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