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  • Hiit Max Week 11

Hiit Max Week 11



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We are going in old school BodyRocking this week. The intervals are 30/10 it’s fast and furious. A mix of Total Body Strength & Cardio HIIT workouts. This week will keep your body guessing & your Metabolism fired up. This week will leave you feeling accomplished & challenged, ready for the extra 10 seconds we will be adding on to next weeks HIITMax. There are 3 Bonus Workouts in the Plus Section to compliment this workout that will help you see results even faster.


  • Get all 5 workouts for the upcoming week in an easy to download file.
  • No searching or waiting, do your workout from anywhere on your schedule.
  • Download the workout video for easy viewing offline on any device.
  • The perfect way to experience our Hiit Max Workout series with Lisa!

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