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This book is for everyone who’s crunched, starved, planked and juiced themselves into madness and still not managed to uncover a single rippling abdominal. It’s for everyone who thinks that visible, strong abs are not in the cards for them and that proudly bearing a toned and healthy midsection is reserved for people who’ve won some genetic lottery or can front the expense for a full-time personal trainer and cook.

We’re here to set the record straight and give you simple, sage and shockingly effective strategies to help you uncover your best abs ever. It’s time for your sexy and healthy midsection to take centre stage.

Of course ‘your’ is the operative word here. We’re talking about uncovering your best abs – not someone else’s. There is no routine or lifestyle change that will whittle you away and leave you with another person’s body. We want you to embrace your own beautiful body and work with it not against it. For many, this may seem slightly counterintuitive. We are so often battling with things – our weight, stress, daily obstacles and restrictions – and we get that. Sometimes we do need to put up a fight, but just trust us on this: you cannot be anyone other than who you are, so ditch the notion that anyone else will do, and you’re already halfway to any goal.

So let’s get you on the road to this one:
Amazing abs, here you come!

Works for everyone

Beginner to advanced, and all the stops in between 

Myth Busters

Setting the record straight on Abs


Includes great HIIT workouts to sculpt those abs

Eat for your Abs

Say it with us: Abs are made in the Kitchen

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